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% of healthcare spending
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Facts and figures from MedTech Europe for 2022

An aging population in every age group is observed across Europe, which reinforces the need for quality healthcare.

Here, medical technologies provide multiple solutions for various diagnoses and conditions.


  • Tightening regulations on medical technologies
  • Higher expectations for good patient outcomes – Value based healthcare (VBH)
  • Tender procedures will strive to reduce prices, but at the same time maintain a good quality of treatment

Impact on Bulgarian healthcare

Bulgaria ranks at the top of the anti – rankings for mortality due to various diseases.

  • The NHIF conducts annual tenders for the supply of consumables where the aim is the lowest costs, but at the expense of quality
  • Almost half of the treatments carried out require co-payment by the patient to ensure higher quality
  • Limited access to life-sustaining therapies
  • Need for greater control and policy at the national level to limit substandard products

The medical technology industry is one of the most diverse and innovative sectors in Europe.
Employment data, trade flows and the high number of patents filed by medical technology companies reveal the value our sector provides to patients, healthcare systems and economies in Europe.

The MedTech Europe Facts & Figures publication is an annually updated report with robust industry data collected from multiple sources. It provides a snapshot of a large, dynamic industry, helping to give transparency into the work of healthcare stakeholders, business leaders and policymakers.

The data shows that Europe’s 34,000 MedTech companies are investing heavily in improving technology and developing breakthroughs that improve the lives of patients and other healthcare stakeholders. These companies, 95% of which are SMEs, drive economic growth, provide jobs in Europe and boost EU exports.