"MedTech Bulgaria" - Association of manufacturers and suppliers of medical technologies

The association aims to contribute to the protection of human health and life by assisting in the supply of quality medical technologies for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of Bulgarian patients.

Patient care

To contribute to providing a high level of medical care for the patient

Good practices

To promote innovations in technology in the field of medical technologies

Enforcing standards

To enforce international standards in the field of health care


To facilitate communication between government institutions and organizations 

Contribution of medical technology and consumables

Medical technology contributes to the improvement of all processes related to patient service. Innovative products can support and restore lost functions of the human body, remotely monitor the vital signs of patients with various conditions. These are just some of the benefits.

Assist surgical interventions

Through modern technologies and consumables, operational activity and recovery are improved

Support for medical teams

Technology saves time, energy and improves processes to keep the patient in focus

To help fight chronic diseases

Provides a high level of medical care for patients with chronic problems and socially significant diseases

Industry challanges

Accumulated problems in the Bulgarian healthcare system lead to the deterioration of patients’ health, through the use of low-quality products that do not meet European regulations. Main challenges:

  • Lack of reimbursement for a large part of consumables used in hospitals
  • Improving registration process of products and consumables
  • Insufficient traceability of processes corresponding to MDR (medical device regulation)
  • Implementing fair trade practices
  • Frequently changing health policy



Medical technology provides opportunities for remote monitoring of heart parameters


The development of medical devices significantly reduces the risks of neurosurgical operations


Life can go on normally even after major abdominal surgeries


Patients' lives are being extended, thanks to numerous breakthroughs in medical devices in orthopedics


Early diagnosis and proper treatment are key to good health


A social problem that brings with it many complications. Technology provides solutions

Public health concerns

Our goals are to be entirely for the benefit of society

Home care and outpatient care

Technologies find more and more application in home care


The association was founded by leading global manufacturers and importers of medical equipment and consumables in Bulgaria.



City of Sofia, 15 Ivan Denkoglu St Ah, ground floor.