About us

Mission and principles

The association is a non-profit association, designated to carry out activities for the public benefit. The association is a voluntary, non-governmental, non-political and non-religious organization, created on the basis of an association of legal entities related to the production and supply of medical technologies in Bulgaria.

Together for a better life!

The association is built and works under full democracy, voluntariness and equality, in accordance with domestic and international legal acts and regulation in the field of production and trade of medical technologies.

The association establishes and maintains bilateral and multilateral relations with various bodies, organizations and persons in the Republic of Bulgaria and abroad in order to fulfill its goals and tasks.


Objectives Our objective is to be the voice of the medical technology industry by helping to promote and maintain high ethical standards in the sector, helping to educate professionals in the field. Other purposes:

  • To express and promote the common interests of its members
  • To protect and work for the good reputation of the industry
  • To promote any cooperation leading to the improvement of the health and well-being of Bulgarian citizens
  • To operate as a self-governing organization 


  • The association is independent of political parties and organizations
  • The association makes its decisions autonomously from the state institutions in strict compliance with the imperative provisions of the current legal acts
  • The association can open its own branches and representative offices both in Bulgaria and abroad

Our members


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